Women in Construction

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Women in Construction

Our vision is to not only be the first-choice builder, contractor, and developer but also to be the first-choice employer for everyone within the industry. We have a strong workforce behind us who help us to deliver our Company values.

Of this workforce 12% are female and make up a variety of roles: –

  • Groundworks
  • Support Services Staff
  • Customer Care Advisors
  • Accounts Staff
  • Sales Advisors
  • Bid Writer
  • Plant Manager
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • HR/SHE Director

Women can take on any role in the construction industry, yet recent figures show that women represent only 14% of the construction workforce in the UK. This figure is improving but needs to go much further.

The industry has and continues to change however it must be acknowledged that there is still an unconscious gender bias and a negative perception of women working in construction.

Women are currently severely underrepresented in trade and executive positions. Just under 87% of women working in construction hold office positions, and only about 2.5% of tradespeople are women. Women also only make up about 14% of staff executive and 7% of executive positions.

Despite these barriers, women continue to build their path in the industry, with another report advising women in construction management roles increased by 9% in the UK between 2018 and 2020.

Here are a few words from some of our team:

Women in Construction - Claire Wright, SHE/HR Director

Claire Wright, SHE/HR Director

Having been in construction for over 25 years I can honestly say it is an incredible industry to work in.  From ‘hands-on’ trades to professionally qualified roles and support services – every role is essential and there are so many different career pathways within construction with something to suit everyone. With an estimated 217,000 new workers needed within the industry just to meet demand by 2025 it is a perfect time to see what opportunities are available.


Women in Construction - Tracy Wilson, Support Services

Tracy Wilson, Support Services

After 22 1/2 years’ service in the British Army, I immediately felt like I fitted in here at Rose Builders and within construction.  My role is remarkably busy and varied, with no two days being the same. I embrace the challenges and the multitude of random and different tasks I do. With lots of laughter along the way, I can honestly say it is a pleasure and a joy to come to work. It has been a challenging couple of years finding my way in civilian society, but I now feel I am finally there.


Women in Construction - Angela Harrington, Accounts

Angela Harrington, Accounts

I have worked in Construction for nearly 35 years with my role changing and developing along the way.  There are many opportunities for women to have a long and flourishing career in the Building Industry and Rose is a very good place to start!

Perception of the industry and out-dated methods have now changed, allowing many more doors to open. If you do decide the building industry is for you, anything is possible!


Women in Construction - Clair Block, Project Surveyor

Clair Block, Project Surveyor

I left school at 16 years old to attend Colchester Institute on a full time carpentry and joinery course. Being the only female on the course was challenging but I persevered and left college to join a joinery company in Walton where the guys looked out for me and changed my perception.

I joined Rose Builders in 2000 to take on a different direction in my career and become a Quantity Surveyor. They welcomed me into their (at the time) male dominated office, helped me to learn and develop and gave me a great opportunity.

During my time in the building industry I have seen huge changes for women for the better – the opportunity to become what we want to be.

When I first left school very few if any building companies would take on a female apprentice but now the opportunities are there and should be celebrated.


Women in Construction - Jenny Stokes, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Jenny Stokes, Senior Quantity Surveyor

I have worked in construction since graduating university in 2003.  I can honestly say that over the years I have had a varied career that has given me amazing opportunities in terms of projects, experiences, travel and meeting people.  No two days are the same and every day throws up new challenges that need to be embraced and met. I have had 2 children during my career and have found that the construction industry has allowed me to balance my work and home life.


Our sales team, Christine, Shirley and Nina


Our business depends on our people and if our inspiring women have grabbed your attention and you are interested in looking at a career in construction, there is a wide variety of information and roles available to you.



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