The Lawford Lads

The Lawford Lads

We are proud to support the Lawford Football Club, Under 18’s team this season. Our Managing Director, Steven Rose, popped along to their last match to help provide support and offer some words of wisdom.

Founded in August 1949, Lawford Lads played their first match 7 October that year. Lads was included in the Club’s name as most of the original players were under 18 and the team were playing in a minor league, the Colchester NE Minor League (Stour Division).

Originally, the Lads were based behind the Ogilvie Hall where pitch access involved negotiating a high fence. Teddy Prike would bring a stepladder so the team could gain access without injury. As cows grazed the field on which matches were played it often had furrows and cows would sometimes interrupt play. Teddy also cleared up what the cows left behind and used it on his allotment. Players often cycled to away fixtures.

Thankfully the playing conditions have now improved and the Lawford Football Club is going from strength to strength.


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