Rose & Partners to the Rescue

A catastrophic fire erupted at CareCo’s  headquarters and distribution centre towards the end of last year, rendering their warehouse and three-storey office building unusable.

Despite this significant setback, CareCo quickly focused on recovery. The Rose Builders Ltd team collaborated with CareCo to provide temporary accommodation in the service yard of their HQ immediately after the incident. Additionally, we helped CareCo to secure a short-term lease on a furnished office building near Stansted Airport. This involved cleaning, testing, commissioning and setting up IT infrastructure, enabling CareCo’s call centre to resume operations within ten days of the fire.

By early October 2023, CareCo had secured leases for two brand-new warehouse units with office space adjacent to their headquarters (buildings CC51 and CC77). These high-bay warehouses, measuring 51,000 and 77,000 square feet respectively, were swiftly adapted by the original design team. Warehouse operations resumed in CC51 on November 6, 2023, and in CC77 on December 4, 2023, following the installation of high-bay racking. The office spaces in both units were completed and handed over to CareCo by February 5, 2024, marking another step in a remarkable recovery just five months on from the fire.

The salvage company worked on behalf of the insurers to decontaminate and clear the damaged building, disposing of all stock, fixtures, and fittings. The site was handed back to CareCo on March 25, 2024. In collaboration with CareCo’s subcontract partners, we are currently dismantling the existing structure to the original steel frame in preparation for reconstruction, set to begin in late spring 2024.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated project team and partners, including DSP, Peter Dann Consulting Engineers, DT Architects, Couch Perry & Wilkes Support Ltd, Cann Creative, Wagstaff Interiors Group and Shore, who are instrumental in the redesign and reconstruction of CareCo’s headquarters.

The rebuilding of CareCo HQ is projected to be completed by the end of September 2025.

**About CareCo**

CareCo is the UK’s leading mobility retailer making every day a better day for their customers. With showrooms up and down the UK and a commitment to developing their own innovative and life changing mobility aids, CareCo continues to expand its services and product offering to better serve customers with all kinds of healthcare and mobility needs.



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