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Rose Builders are proud to have signed the CCATF Charter

The CCATF is a cross-industry initiative designed to increase employer engagement in apprenticeship training.

Since its inception in 2007, the CCATF has adopted a two-pronged approach: firstly, to communicate positive messages to employers regarding training and apprenticeships and secondly, to influence government policy to ensure we create the best environment for construction apprenticeship training.  Its goals are to:

  1. Influence changes to government allocation and funding arrangements, which currently make it harder for colleges to help a student leave a full-time course in order to start an apprenticeship.
  2. Increase opportunities for employers to participate in work experience or traineeship programmes.
  3. Support the development of a comprehensive training provider and course availability database.
  4. Support the development of qualifications that meet the needs of employers in the construction industry.
  5. Lobby for the provision of free trainee cards from Card Schemes for apprentices.
  6. Encourage the positive promotion of careers in construction.
  7. Work with government to improve the quality of apprenticeships so they are used and valued by even more young people and employers, teachers and parents.

Its Mission Statement is “To champion the ethos and culture of training within the construction industry by working with industry peers and stakeholders; to encourage those not training to do so and those that train to do more by promoting the benefits and value that an apprentice can bring to an employer.”


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