Living Masterclasses

Technology is ever-changing so it makes sense that our homes are now updated to accommodate new advancements and gadgets, but do buyers fully understand what they have in their home? As with most housebuilders we provide our buyers with a thorough home tour before they move in as well as detailed home user guide on the key handover. However, experience has shown that most homeowners need a little additional support to help set their home to their own personal preferences and to optimise its performance.

To ensure that all our homeowners feel supported and can enjoy the benefit of all that a modern home can provide we at Rose have launched a series of Living Masterclasses to help buyers better understand their homes.

These fun and informal Masterclasses aim to provide buyers with detailed knowledge, from experts, on certain aspects of their home such as how best to operate their underfloor heating through to how to unleash the full potential of their cooking appliances.



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