D-day celebrations

Community Spirit!!

It was amazing to see so many of the community of Lawford come and support the 80th Commemoration D-Day Beacon Lighting put on by the Lawford Parish Council. This event was not only a tribute to a significant historical moment but also a vibrant demonstration of community spirit. The sight of neighbours, friends, and families gathering in unity was heart-warming, and it underscored the strength and cohesiveness of the Lawford community.

Even better was seeing so many youngsters involved. Their participation reflected a beautiful bridge between generations, ensuring that the memory and lessons of D-Day are carried forward with the same reverence and respect. The involvement of young people in such events is crucial, as it installs in them a sense of history and the importance of remembering and honouring those who have shaped our present.

Lawford Parish Council and its councillors did the celebration proud by putting on such a wonderful and emotional event. Their dedication and meticulous planning were evident in every detail, from the moving speeches to the symbolic lighting of the beacon. The event not only commemorated a pivotal moment in history but also fostered a sense of belonging and shared purpose within the community.

The successful commemoration highlighted the power of collective effort and the importance of community events in bringing people together. It was a poignant reminder that, despite the passage of time, the spirit of remembrance and gratitude remains strong in Lawford. This spirit, nurtured by the Parish Council and embraced by the community, is what makes Lawford a truly special place to live.

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