Building Outside the Box

Building Outside the Box

Smart planning with clever design, combined with the expertise of our skilled team, enabled the development of a new manufacturing and warehouse facility for SEERS Medical, located in the floodplain of the River Deben. As the foremost manufacturer in the UK of examination couches, treatment tables, and ergonomic seating, this expansion initiative marks a crucial phase of expansion for their business.

Upon completion, the resilience of the new facilities was put to the test during Storm Babet in October 2023, which brought 72mm of rainfall to the nearby town of Framlingham. Despite substantial flooding across various areas of the site, the manufacturing building and warehouse performed as intended, allowing floodwaters to pass beneath without causing damage.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the new infrastructure and the dedicated efforts of the team, the business was able to resume operations within a remarkably short timeframe following the storm.

Underneath the newly laid car park, we installed attenuation crates (see attached photo). These crates serve to filter water, removing contaminants before releasing it into the river through a hydrobrake system to regulate flow.

Additionally, a siphonic drainage system was implemented on the warehouse roof, collecting rainwater into a holding tank. From there, the water moves into an attenuation tank before being discharged into the river through a hydrobrake.


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