Barry and Peggy Scholarship

Barry & Peggy High Scholarship Foundation

We are delighted to announce that 3 apprentices qualified for the ‘Barry & Peggy’ scholarship this year.

The CITB manage a unique opportunity for up to 50 Construction Apprentices in our area.  This is to recognise and celebrate their achievements with very generous financial and practical support.

The CITB offer these scholarships on behalf of a benefactor who has worked in the Industry for many years and wishes to give something back in the form of reward for some of our rising stars.

Nominees have to fit a set criteria and demonstrate what they have done to achieve a standard that is recognised by their mentors and peers, with the nomination going before a panel with the most deserving being awarded a one or two year scholarship to purchase tools and IT equipment followed by a cash payment on completion of their apprenticeship.

Very well done to Paul, Callum and Harrison all 2nd year Carpentry Apprentices.

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