A House for Essex

A House for Essex

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PRESS RELEASE | Update – August 2014

A first glimpse of Living Architecture’s latest project, A House for Essex – an artistic collaboration between FAT Architecture and Grayson Perry – has been revealed this week.

The house which overlooks the Stour estuary in north Essex, explores the historic and contemporary character of the county through both its form and a number of specially commissioned artworks made by Grayson Perry.

The main structural elements of the building were completed in Spring 2014. Over the summer the structure has been clad with some 2000 bespoke ceramic tiles, cast by Shaws of Darwen, Lancashire, from originals created by Perry. The roof is clad in a copper alloy standing seam roof crafted by highly skilled specialists and is adorned by three large cast aluminium roof sculptures designed by Grayson Perry and FAT.

The final phase of the project, completing the detailed interiors, is underway. Grayson Perry is creating a number of unique artworks for the house, exploring the special character and unique qualities of Essex.

The interiors and artworks are expected to be installed by the end of the year, with the house available for holiday bookings from Spring 2015.




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