100 years on and still a client

We have been involved with the Edme site in Mistley for over 100 years and through five generations of the Rose family. From the original boiler house and chimney shaft through to the Mistley waterworks.

Edme has been based on the same site next to the River Stour in Mistley, Essex, since its earliest origins in the late 19th century.

Over the past 137 years Edme’s 3.5-acre Mistley site has undergone many transformations as the world around it has changed. This includes significant mechanisation in 1950, and a major programme of rebuilding and modernisation during the early 1990s. In more recent years, developments have included a test centre and R&D facility, state-of-the-art mixing and blending equipment, and a gluten-free mill.

Like us, Edme has been a cornerstone of the community for over a century, and among their workforce there are some employees whose family involvement in the company goes back many generations.


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