Company Health and Safety Policy Document

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Rose Builders Limited (the Company) is committed to controlling the risks to health and safety risks arising from our work activities, both for our employees and those affected by the work that is carried out.

We will provide adequate resources to enable us to develop and apply suitable health and safety management practice. Such practice shall include: –

  1. Assessing and managing risks.
  2. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, safe systems and methods of work and safe equipment.
  3. Taking account of health and safety issues and providing information, particularly on materials and substances, for the end users of our services.
  4. Providing staff with the information, instruction, training and supervision they need to work competently and safely.
  5. Making staff aware of their individual responsibilities in the management of health and safety of themselves and others affected by their work and the need to co-operate with management in matters of health and safety.
  6. Ensuring full and effective consultation with all staff on safety matters.
  7. Ensuring all staff using mobile plant are CPCS trained.

Our general health and safety arrangements are set out in the Health and Safety Policy Document, and its appendices. These will be amplified and clarified by supporting documentation as necessary to meet our policy commitments.

Every employee shall be required to follow the instructions and guidance in this Policy document.

All our staff have an important role to play in helping to achieve the Policy aims and objectives; in particular, by:

communicating effectively and co-operating with all those persons that have duties in the management of Health and Safety.

Sub-contractors will be required to undertake, manage and generally cooperate in a similar manner, so that the requirements of their own Health and Safety Policy and our Health and Safety Policy are not jeopardised.

The Company shall endeavour to improve its health and safety performance on a continuous basis.

The Company will comply with all relevant occupational health and safety legislation and such other standards that are described as referenced within the H&S Policy Document and its supporting documents.

This Policy and the H&S Policy Document will be monitored, reviewed and revised at intervals as necessary, and at least on a regular annual basis.