£6180 Raised for New Cancer Centre

£6180 Raised for New Cancer Centre

We were delighted to be able to participate in the 2019 Club helping to raise money for the new Cancer Centre at Colchester General Hospital.

We put together in the office a cookbook which colleagues and clients contributed to. A big thank you must go to Sally Pavey for putting together the cookbook and to Hebe Rose and Tom Novorol for illustrating it.

Clair Block held a ‘Pink Day’ where all Rose staff dressed in pink for the day, a cake sale, a Strictly Come Dancing sweepstake and Claire Wright organised a Tango dance class.

All of our events helped to raise £6180.00 far surpassing the £2019.00 we pledged to raise by March 2019

After four years of fundraising the Cancer Centre at Colchester General Hospital is well under way with completion due mid November 2019.

Sally, Clair and Steven presented the cheque to the fundraising committee and had a tour of the fantastic new Cancer Centre under construction.

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise funds for this very worthy cause.